Sash Window Repairs

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Window Repairs

When the box frame of a sash window begins to rot and decay, the windows can sag which results in dirt build up, draughts and damp which can leave your sash windows looking aesthetically displeasing. Wood can be durable and have a long life with regular maintenance but can suffer if left untended. This is where our sash window repair specialists can help you.

Our team are experienced in the repair and draught proofing of sash windows using their skills to renovate and repair windows instead of fully replacing sash windows. We can improve the fit of your sash windows and fix any operational defects so that they run smoothly and look healthy again, ensuring that the charm and original character of your home and sash windows will be retained.

The common areas of your sash windows that are prone to decay are the window sills, bottom rail, meeting rail and bottom box frame. Symptoms of sash window decay can be in the form of flaking paint, missing putty, or open joints and gaps around the sash window which can lead to moisture intake and further wood decay. Our aim is to restore your wooden sash windows to their former glory so that they look and operate like a brand new sash window.

What Are The Benefits of Sash Window Repair Services?

  • Improved security of your home
  • Minimal rattles
  • Reduced draughts
  • An extended life on your sash windows
  • Reduced exterior noise
  • A reduction of dirt and dust in your home
  • Savings on energy bills
  • Additional value to your home
  • Easier sash window operation
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