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When the box frame of a sash window begins to rot and decay, the windows can sag resulting in dirt build up, draughts and damp which can leave your sash windows looking aesthetically displeasing. Wood can be durable and have a long life with regular maintenance but can suffer if left untended. This is where our sash window repair specialists can help you.


We understand that many of our customers prefer sash window renovation repairs over sash window replacement due to costs and potential negative impacts for the environment so we offer an excellent sash window renovation service to our customers in Stamford and surrounding areas. We renovate your sash window to its former glory so it looks and operates like a brand new sash window.‚Äč

Draught Proofing

Sash windows are manufactured with a 3mm air gap to allow them to slide past each other and therefore operate easily. Sadly, it is this 3mm air gap that can cause the problems associated with sash windows such as draughts, rattling windows, and the ingress of dust and reduced energy efficiency. Sash Repairs UK offer a full sash window draught proofing service that will eliminate all these issues, reduce your heating bills and improve the energy efficiency of your home or business.

Window Replacement

Here at Sash Repairs UK we do everything we can to save our customers money through the repair or renovation of sash windows but in some unfortunate cases, it is not possible to repair or renovate the sash window and they require replacing. All of our replacement window frames are hand crafted in our fully equipped workshop so that we can ensure a high quality and bespoke service is provided by our professional sash window specialists.
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