Draught Proofing

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Draught Proofing

Our sash window draught proofing service has been created to dramatically improve the performance of your sash windows whilst retaining the character and charm of your sash windows and your property.

Sash windows are manufactured with a 3mm air gap to allow them to slide past each other and therefore operate easily. Sadly, it is this 3mm air gap that can cause the problems associated with sash windows such as draughts, rattling windows, the ingress of dust and reduced energy efficiency.

A sash window that has no draught proofing will let draughts, dust, dirt and external noise into your home while allowing the heat to escape. Here at Sash Repairs UK, we offer a full sash window draught proofing service that will eliminate all these issues, reduce your heating bills and improve the energy efficiency of your home or business.

What Are The Benefits of Sash Window Draught Proofing?

  • Eliminate the ingress of draughts and dust
  • Reduce external noise into your home
  • Eradicate rattling windows
  • Provide smooth sliding of windows for easy operation
  • Reduce heating bills and improve energy efficiency

Research has shown us that within older homes, around 35% of heat escapes through the windows, which can lead to people considering alternative options such as double glazing. Not only will Sash Repairs UK be able to give you all the benefits of double glazing, our sash window draught proofing service will give your original sash windows a new lease of life without undermining the character and architectural design of your home or business.

If you have rattling sash windows or a draughty home then please give us a call to see how our team can help you. No matter how big or small the sash window renovation job, we are always happy to help.

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